Whats Next for Jetsam

Upcoming Products


While almost every outdoors company has a cooler to offer, most do not offer anything unique. What if a cooler could be just a little more than the crowd, while being made from recycled plastics.

Home Goods

For over 100 years, clamming has been a foundation piece of Long Island’s economy. Clam knifes are an essential kitchen item on the island, using recycled plastics and designs of our local waterways, we can bring a touch of the island to your kitchens. But we wont stop there are we expand our kitchen lineup!

Small Craft / Sporting Goods

Here at Jetsam, we believe in dreaming big. We don’t only want to clean the waters, but enjoy them. From Skimboards to full size boats, using recycled plastics we plan to innovate the water based recreational world in a ways that are both customizable, and sustainable!

The Coastal Collection

Our Coastal Collection is a collaboration with organizations dedicated to cleaning and preserving waterways around the world. Designed in collaboration with organizations waterways in mind, each piece is unique and gives Jetsam the opportunity to help clean waters around the world.

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